Carlie Cattron BFA Fall 2020

2020 Succs // Searching for Serenity

A mixed-media BFA show by Carlie Cattron

In the midst of 2020, while we’re all searching for something to calm us down and bring us peace, I began a plant collection. Having already loved plants and had been making art that experimented with plants and patterns, it seemed only natural for me to continue this in my BFA work. In my work, I combine plants (my favorite being several varieties of succulents) with various patterns and vivid colors, and present it across multiple disciplines and media. 

Humans tend to try to apply patterns and rules to things in life to create structure. Structure and order tends to provide comfort for us, but life isn’t necessarily predictable, as we’ve all seen this year. In my own experience, having plants (my favorite being succulents) has given me a sense of peace and calm. Working more with fiber arts has been a way to be almost meditative as the work is so processed based. 

The multiple media is a reflection of all that I’ve learned at Southeast. I’ve been pursuing a degree since 2013, having finished a BS Commercial Photography and now my BFA in Painting. My education here has been multi disciplined and I wanted to showcase that here in my capstone work. Presented here are works in oil painting, cyanotypes (an alternative photographic process), digital drawings/paintings, embroidery, papermaking, bookbinding, weaving, sculpture, and woodworking.